The Smallest Cell Phone In The World

Mobile technologies from various vendors in the developing world are so rapid, although at first only used as a mobile communication device, but in a relatively short time, mobile technology has the extraordinary dynamics of the features offered.

Various interesting features like Java Application, long life battery, screen quality, and other capabilities by integrating multiple electronic devices into one in the hand. Indeed, the capabilities are not equivalent in terms of quality when compared with electronic devices that ‘stand alone’, but the integration has been the main attraction for consumers. Apart from the technological sophistication that exist, there are also other side of the uniqueness of mobile products being offered, such as the finding of the smallest cell phone in this case.

Design is one way of leading phone vendors the world to attract consumers. Starting from its most thin to super unique design certainly would provide an added value. Recently, one of the bustling reported is about the smallest cell phone in universe. Perhaps, many of us who still wondering and curious about the cell phone, for more details following is an interesting info that you should follow gadget maniacs.

Introducing Xun Chi 138 Phone, cell phone with only 67 mm in body length or slightly longer than  the size of AA batteries and weighs for just 55 grams. Mini or small does not mean uncomfortable, to facilitate the use of the phone, Xun Chi is equipped withcapacitive touch screen (hand writing recognition), supported color screen for up to 260k. As the smallest cell phone in the world, this device is supported with useful specification which is equivalent to lower-end mobile classroom.

The author is still able to cram this cell phone with 1.3 Mega pixel camera (although its only VGA), USB port for file transfer from phone to PC, WAP, GPRS, MP3 Player, and 138 MB of internal memory. Since Xun Chi 138 is designated as the smallest cell phone, the use of tacky pink is very useful to help its users from the loss. Like most production of Chinese cell phones, low price is also the main attraction. This cell phone is quite popular in Asia, you can have it for less than $150.